The Flapper

The Flapper

This beautiful, hand knotted, 100% recycled cotton wall art has a lovely, shaggy, boho vibe to it.

It drapes softly from a beautiful, 78cm long branch,  bringing any room to life.

It is 80 cm long.



  • Care Instructions

    When you receive this piece, lay it on the floor, and straighten any cords that may have tangled up, as well as giving the fringes a gentle combe with your fingers or a pet brush.

    This piece has a very shaggy nature. If you wanted it to sit against the wall more flat, you can stretch and  pin the bottom corners to the wall.

    To clean it, use a GENTLE hoover or dust it outside like you would with a rug.

    Do not machine wash!

  • Return

    We do not accept return on these products due to their delicate nature, however, if you have any problems, please get in touch with us.