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Let's get knotting!

Hi everyone!

Happy Autumn!

I cannot believe this year is so close to the end, and I am sure I am not the only one who feels like the world has been standing still. With hardly any of my workshops or Christmas fairs running, it doesn`t quite feels the same. But, that doesn`t mean I haven`t been busy , building my stock with more Xmassy products.

So, first off, let me introduce you my new home DIY macramé kits. I have worked very hard to bring you something super easy to follow, even if you have never done any knotting before. The first 2 kits are already on my website, my very popular wall hanging and a Christmas Wreath. These kits include the material you need and a downloadable digital file. They make perfect Christmas presents, or the wreath could be a lovely pre Xmas craft!

By the end of October I will have 2 more kits available for you, a box of 3 Xmas ornaments and a hanging plant holder.

Another exciting service I am now providing is my Macramé & Prosecco party!

With the COVID's rule of 6 limit we won`t be having huge parties this year, so why not have a knotting party ( or a 'knot a paty' haha...get it? ) with your friends! You can choose what you all want to make ( plant hanger, mandala/ wreath, wall hanging or my latest star) and I will bring the workshop to you!

Minimum of ( and maximum for now) 5 people, so make sure you send your hubby down the pub for a few hours!

And last but not least, I wanted to ask your opinion regarding ZOOM macramé workshops. It seems I am the last person to jump on the 'virtual workshop' wagon. Procrastination is an understatement when it comes to this so I really need to hear from you lovely people. Would you give it a go?

Much love


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